Me, circa 1987.


Hi, I’m Tim.

I design things. For a lot of years, I worked at a desk in an office (many offices, actually). Then I tried working at a desk from my home and on a lot of airplanes as a design consultant. After a couple years of that, I returned to an office to lead the design and photography departments of the San Jose Mercury News and the Bay Area News Group.

In 2015, I packed up all my things and moved to Brussels to start as Creative Director of Politico's sparkling new European operation. In more than four years here, I have worked to establish a distinctive visual identity for our brand, and we’ve been honored as one of the world’s best designed newspapers three years running. In January, I moved to Amsterdam, but still make a return trip to our Brussels office once a week.

You might be wondering: “What are three other things about him?” Well, friend, you are in luck! 

1. I am a native Northern Californian and the Marin County coastline was my favorite place in the world until I visited the Faroe Islands.

2. I am both ambitious and impatient, and I don’t view either of these as negative character traits. I started school a year early; started writing for a newspaper when I was 15; came out as gay, graduated high school and moved out at 16 to start working full-time; tried college at 17 and decided it wasn’t for me by 18. And have worked as a journalist (in just about every capacity) ever since.

3. In the last 20 years, I have lived in 15 different cities (and four countries). Also I have been single for all of those years. It is possible that these two facts are related.

Want to talk about a project? Get in touch at: tball [at] politico [dot] eu. (Please do this before using social media to pitch projects.)

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That photo over there is from my 8th birthday party. One kid showed up, and promptly swiped his finger through the frosting on my cake. What a dick.